Miya carpenter word collection

Master of Miya carpenter

The pioneers of Miya carpenters who have been active for over 1400 years. Among them, I would like to remember that these two are master craftsmen who are handed down to the current shrine carpenters.

Hidari Jingoro

A shrine carpenter who is said to have been active in the early Edo period. His sculptures, including the sleeping cat of Nikko Toshogu, are so realistic that there is a legend that the wood carving animals started walking at night. It is said that there are more than 100 sculptures called Jingoro’s works all over the country. I definitely want to see the sleeping cat of Nikko Toshogu once in my life.

Mr. Hidari Jingoro

Tsunekazu Nishioka (1908-1995)

The highest peak of the 20th century palace carpenter who directed the major renovation of Horyuji Temple in the Showa period. The Miyadaiku Koguchiden that timber can be used in the same direction as it grows is still handed down. It is also very well known that Prince Shotoku’s “Yarigan na”, which was often used in the construction of Horyuji Temple, was restored and utilized.

Tsunekazu Nishioka
Book image of Tsunekazu Nishioka