Miya carpentry tools

Miya carpenter’s tool (steel square)

It is no exaggeration to say that what makes a palace carpenter a palace carpenter is how to use “Sashigane”. A ruler that accurately measures the warp (curve) of the eaves of temples and shrines, and is also used to measure roof beams and curves.

It used to be made of iron and now it is made of stainless steel. The long ruler is about one-third, and it looks like it is bent at a right angle. The long one is one shaku and six inches, and the short one is seven inches and five minutes.

When digging a hole in a member, the dimension is not measured from the edge of the member, but from the black ink struck in the center. This is also the reason why it is said that vertical and horizontal are the lives of buildings.

There are descriptions of goods, illness, difficulty (separation), righteousness, officials, kalpa, harm, and good luck, and the goods are accumulated, get sick, and righteousness is closely related to history, such as the appearance of loyal retainers and the appearance of filial vassals. .. Knowing that swords and Buddha are made to this size, it is decided that the sword that cuts the belly is the size of harm, the length of the entrance and pillars is a multiple of good, and the building of the government office is a multiple of the government. I am convinced that. It is usually advisable to avoid illness, separation and harm.