Miya carpentry tools

Miya carpenter’s tool (hatchet)

It can be said that the lantern (hatchet) is also a traditional tool peculiar to Japan. Only is used for relatively precise processing, while lanterns are used for roughing wood.
The handle and cutting edge are sold separately, and the handle is often made by the carpenter himself. The length is based on the length of your arm. It is said that the tree of Styphnolobium japonicum has moderate softness, has a good handle, and is easy to bend.
The lantern that creates a texture that cannot be produced by a machine is a tool that Miya carpenters still love, even though sawmills are emerging and hiding their shadows. The dynamic use scene of the lantern, which is swung down on the wood and carved out with the cutting edge, is outstanding.

The shrine carpenters made so many tools that they had to equip 73 tools for any safe contract, and they took care of them so that they wouldn’t go wrong, and they would get used to them over and over again. I used it. For the palace carpenter, the tool is a weapon and a companion. The reason why you can still enjoy beautiful Japanese architecture that is hard to break is probably due to these tools and the rare techniques of the palace carpenters who handle them.