Miya carpentry tools

Miya carpenter’s tool (chalk line)

The inkpot is also one of the tools peculiar to Japanese architecture. It is a tool for a process called “Sumikake” that attaches a guideline for cutting and cutting to actual wood before wood processing. Pull out the light child connected to the thread that fits in the sumi car, place it on the part where you want to draw a straight line, insert the light child into the tree, fix it, pinch the center with your fingers like playing a bow, and flip it. .. By doing so, the thread with ink is struck against the wood and a long straight line is drawn against the wood. In addition to the tools for drawing lines as a guideline for processing, if it is a curved line, a tool called a template was used. The gentle curves such as the warp of the roof are said to be the highlight of the skill of the palace carpenter, but it is said to be indispensable for precision processing.

The method of calculating how to process wood and how to combine it is called Kikujutsu. The rule is Bunmawashi. The so-called circular compass means the sun. The square is a sword and is considered to be a shadow.