Symbol of craftmanship -Miyadaiku-

From an overseas perspective, ancient Japanese woodworking technology is said to be a symbol of highly artistic craftsmanship. The attention to detail has a magical power that will surprise you.

For example, Horyuji Temple. How was this made? How did you make this? ??

There is a technique that only the palace carpenter can understand. It’s the secret of Japanese architecture. There is more mystery in Japan, which was originally considered a mysterious country. Comparison with contemporary architecture and contemporary design must attract luxury travelers who like architecture as juxtaposition (Old meets New meaning) scattered in Japan.

Like the monogram with a family crest as a motif.

Like French Japonisme was inspired by Katsushika Hokusai.

The skill, uniqueness, inheritance, and unique pride of the palace carpenter will also affect creators not only in Japan but also overseas.

Miya carpenter, also known as a travel carpenter, is historically a pioneer of Japanese architecture, and the attempt to combine the opportunity to see the skill of the miya carpenter with travel has great significance in terms of respecting the pioneers of Japanese culture, and the secret of the miya carpenter. And mystery unveiled attempts are a big step towards understanding the unanswered skills that have been passed down for generations. How many travelers want to hear the voice of the palace carpenter who has been associated with temples and shrines in the past and now. Architecture is something that attracts travelers so much.

The value of getting architectural hints from the palace carpenter, and the value of being able to directly hear the pilgrimage route of Japanese architecture from the palace carpenter.

The incentive for the next destination for travelers is no longer a mystery, and it is becoming commonplace for well-known foreign architects to come to learn Japanese woodworking techniques.

Now is the perfect time to build Miya carpenter tourism.


Symbol of craftmanship -Miyadaiku-


例えば法隆寺。How was this made? どうやってこれを創ったのか?? 

宮大工にしかわからない技術がそこにある。いってみればそれは日本の建築の秘密そのものだ。元々ミステリアスな国と考えられている日本にさらにミステリーがある。現代建築や現代デザインなどとの比較も、日本に散見されるjuxtaposition(Old meets New的な意味合い)として建築の好きなラグジュアリートラベラーを魅了するにちがいない。