Miya carpenter's eyes

Don’t worship the gods and Buddha

The most important point of view of a palace carpenter is to be prepared to build a palace or a temple. God and Buddha do not say anything, but since it is a place where people can rely on and rely on, they value the idea of “creating a source of heart.” Here is the high spirituality of the palace carpenter.

Even if you don’t know the details of Shinto and Buddhism, it is one of the iron rules that you have to grasp it conceptually. For example, Horyuji Temple is a symbol of Goken, but when Buddhism was just introduced, it is necessary to fully know the history that has an oral meaning such as feeling that it is not defeated by the culture of the continent rather than religious. be.

On the other hand, Yakushiji is a delicate symbol. It is said that Emperor Tenmu started the temple with the hope of healing the illness of Emperor Jito, and it is also an important point of view that the temple is centered on faith.

Even the Horyuji builder does not have a job every day, and the remuneration is basically a daily allowance. In the old days, when there was no work, it seemed that they made a living by farming, but perhaps because of the pride of the palace carpenters, there were many palace carpenters who did not work as ordinary carpenters. It’s an episode suitable for telling.