Welcome to the most Sustainable Travel World.

In the world of Manyo, the road of Shikishima was regarded as the road of waka poems. Some roads, such as flower arrangement and tea ceremony, have a full-fledged denomination but are widely used. On the other hand, in the world of palace carpenters who have continued to serve God, there is no name for the road so far.

Despite the fact that there are many commonly used words that were born from the daily work of a palace carpenter, such as sharpening and sticking to a board.
Even though all the people who belonged to the oldest organization in the world are palace carpenters.

Then, let’s see its value, its sense of mission, and Japan’s pride.
SDGs? Carbon neutral? What a value that I was working on normally 1400 years ago.
Let’s combine the value, which was also called a travel carpenter, with a real trip to make it even more value-added.

From “work for temples and shrines by palace carpenters” to “cultural tourism for travelers by palace carpenters”
The flag should create a special interest traveler like no other in the world.
I want travelers to get a hint to reaffirm their own path.
The appearance of hot spring inns and temples and shrines that utilize the techniques of palace carpenters should change.

Known by many, but owned by few. It seems that it’s time to challenge that shape.
Miya carpenters have a pattern that has been inherited anonymously. The non-makeup intrinsic annihilation type is cooler and cooler than the make-up typeless.

Miya carpenter, the oldest business in the world. Next is the old hot spring inn. The title of The Most Sustainable looks just right for the combination of these two.
I want you to ask yourself a question. If this is not high added value, what is high added value as a whole?

What is there is the “Longevity of business” that all business owners are intuitively and strongly aware of.
Lux that brightly illuminates this palace carpenter tourism, like the unit of light, lux, which is the etymology of luxury.
A brand that is engraved in the hearts of travelers, like the engraving of cows, which is the etymology of the brand.

A mysterious palace carpenter in Japan, a mysterious country.
And the hot spring inn architecture that makes the best use of that technology.
It’s time to unveil it.
In honor of our predecessors over 1000 years ago
And to pass it on to juniors 1000 years later.

Miyadaiku knows. The palace carpenter knows.
What the lady is watching.
That Nippon’s DNA is here.
And one day, off the beaten path will become on the beaten path.

Miya carpenter tourism.
You are the one who opens the door.